National 5 updated

Course introduction, exam timings and folio handouts all published.

Higher introduction/Folio handouts published

S4 – Get reading the background and context for your Higher course. Folio handouts will be followed by examples and topic suggestions for the two pieces (Creative and Discursive)

National 5 (Prose) (Four stories by Anne Donovan )

All texts, audio and video files have been uploaded. The COMPLETE unit with all texts is probably best place to start then delve into the stories individually and in detail.

Nat 5 /Higher Poetry (Six poems by Norman MacCaig (N5) and Carol Ann Duffy (H))

I’ve added the major resources (but not the teacher lesson PowerPoints for example) for the Nat 5 AND Higher poetry units (MacCaig and Duffy). If you are currently S3 then start looking at the MacCaig general stuff and then start working through the NATIONAL 5 poems. Similarly if you are currently S4, look at Duffy …

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Social sharing buttons

Twitter, SCHOOL facebook and class Instagram are all at the top of the site now.

Prophetic poetry

Be prepared for me to use this as part of the post COVID19 learning at school when you return. Written over a century ago by Kathleen O’Meara, pen name Grace Ramsay (1839 –1888), an Irish-French Catholic writer of the late Victorian era. This prophetic poem appeared in her second novel “Iza’s Story” about the struggle …

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I’ve got all the relevant menu items sorted and am slowly adding the resources to each page. I anticipate being done by the end of the week.

S2 – S3 BGE Resources

I’ve stuck the various S2 to S3 Reading and Writing resources up to give you something to keep you away from ROBLOX or TikTok for a few minutes 😎 Get onto NETFLIX and watch documentaries!

Email and contact form

Any queries get in touch by the email on the image.

G08 English

I’ve closed down the PERSONAL site and set up this CLASSROOM site for G08 English students to enable them to keep in touch with their learning, plan ahead for exams next year and start getting ready to return to school in some shape or form in the not too distant future.