Adv H – Poetry – The 2020 Poems

Advanced Higher Poetry (2020-2021)  – Themes List – Thursday, 28 May 2020

 PoetTitleLinesForm/ StructureTheme(s)
1BlakeLondon16Dramatic monologue  4 stanzas 4 lines eachPlace/Time/Human experience (Individual experiences)/ anger/ loss and absence Despair Political protest/Social comment – Power/conflict  (The Divine is NOT here which equals suffering) Religion (anti)
2WordsworthWestminster Bridge14Italian Sonnet (8 lines then 6 lines)Place/Time/Human experience (Awe/Wonder (self-transcendence/sense of renewal) Religion Nature/mankind (Natural supernaturalism)  The Divine is present in all things
3YeatsSecond Coming22Rough iambic pentametreHuman experience/frailty of life (The circles/cycles of life) Order/disorder  Time  Death  Religion
4YeatsAn Irish Airman foresees his Death16Eulogy (Iambic tetrametre)Place/Time/Human experience/Death/Fate Pointlessness of war  
5YeatsHe wishes for the Cloths of Heaven8Lyrical love poemHuman experience/Love /fear of rejection  
6DonneDeath be Not Proud14Petrarchan sonnet 14 lines (3 x quatrains 1 rhyming couplet)Human experience/ Death (Mortality) Powerlessness of Death  Dreams/courage  The Divine/Religion
7DonneNo Man is an Island14Prayer in poetic formHuman experience/ all people are connected in some way   The Divine/Religion
8HeaneyDigging318 stanzas – varying lengths. No set rhyme scheme although some lines do rhyme.Human experience/ Mortality    Autobiographical. Father/son relationship Man/Nature
9HeaneyDeath of a Naturalist  332 stanzas. Clear volta (turn) start of 2nd stanza Blank verse. Unrhymed iambic pentametreHuman experience (Mankind/Nature)  Change/Cycles of life Loss of childhood /Growing up Autobiographical. Father/son relationship
10HeaneyFollower246 x 4 line verses ABAB rhyme schemeAutobiographical. Father/son relationship Human experience  Growing up
11HughesI too, sing America213 irregular length verses with top and bottom (almost) same lineHuman experience/ Dreams/courage/ prejudice/ humans are all connected (see Donne No Man) / political protest (See Blake London)
12ByronShe walks in Beauty183 equal stanzas of 6 lines each. Regular, alternate rhyme scheme ie ababab rhyme scheme. 8 syllables = iambic tetrameterHuman experience/Love (but innocent)        

Also using ‘Songs of Innocence’ ‘Golden Road to Samarkand’ ‘Come Home’ and others (short extracts only) for textual analysis and literary study practice.


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