As we return after the holidays I’m going to stick up ONE task a week on Show My Homework which should cover the normal time we would have in G08. I’ve already added lots of resources for all levels from S2 to S5 on the school website and the classroom one www.g08english.com DO NOT panic or get stressed if you can’t find time to do the homework. As and when is best, which is why the hand in dates will be the Sunday after I set it on the Sunday beforehand. So the first lot will all be published on Sunday 19th for had back by Sunday 26th April for example.

Many of you have been thinking about the next level, ie if you are currently S4 then start looking into reading the various texts BUT remember that we don’t yet have the new classes and their timetables sorted yet (end of May) so don’t start studying Duffy in case you end up in a class where the poetry unit is Paterson. Best to do RUAE, start thinking about your folio pieces (do the research now and save time) and The Conegatherers.

It’ll all sort itself out in due course. Just stay safe, get into or keep a routine and look forward to returning to school and seeing your friends in real-time rather than on face-time.

Mr T


G08 is CLOSED until further notice - we WILL see you all again soon ! Stay safe