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Advanced Higher

I’ve uploaded the analysis, poems and other handouts as well as some bits and bobs for the Prose, Textual Analysis (TA) and Literary Study (LS). Obviously you’ll get hard copies and extra handouts, PowerPoints and films on return. A reminder that you need to do the assignment by the time we get back. Copy below …

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Strange Fruit

This anti-lynching poem was written by Abel Meeropol, a teacher, songwriter, and member of the American Communist Party. He published it in a union publication in 1937 and then set it to music. It was most famously performed by Billy Holiday, who first sang “Strange Fruit” in 1939. Southern trees bear a strange fruitBlood on …

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Advanced Higher

I’ll be uploading all the Advanced Higher stuff over the weekend. Poetry and Prose only plus other bits and bobs for dissertation or folio pieces, as we’ve decided to leave Drama for this session given the constraints on learning/blended learning/ IT issues etc. Poetry list and themes chart up, rest follows then Jekyll and Hyde …

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Elgin Academy staff message

Just saying…

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So I said to Minnie, my youngest daughter’s dog, that some of you are doing your homework…THIS was her reaction! Since we are likely to be off for a while longer, at least make an attempt at doing something guys. One homework a week instead of 4 or 5 lessons? Bargain! Keep Minnie happy.

Show My Homework (SMH)

SMH tasks were set for all classes less S2.1 Literacy today. Due back next Sunday. Tasks will be set every Sunday with handback the following Sunday until end of May.


As we return after the holidays I’m going to stick up ONE task a week on Show My Homework which should cover the normal time we would have in G08. I’ve already added lots of resources for all levels from S2 to S5 on the school website and the classroom one DO NOT panic …

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The Cone Gatherers Daily 3 – Friday 17th April


G08 is CLOSED until further notice - we WILL see you all again soon ! Stay safe